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This is my latest project. The GT6 is similar to the Spitfire, but with a 6 cyl engine and
a roof. It's a solid car, no rust, rebuilt engine, good interior. I've rebuilt the braking
system and clutch hydraulics, put in a new rocker shaft and arms, rebuilt the carbs,
and gave everything a good cleaning and waxing.  It's a great running car. Most of
my time has been spent cleaning up and painting the engine bay.  With a bonnet that
opens as these do, it's easier to work on than most cars.
1/43 scale replica of my car!
Check the
Diecast section.
Triumph GT6
Triumph GT6
Triumph GT6
Triumph GT6
Triumph GT6
Oct. 2004 After almost 4 years I've had my
first major breakdown...very hard shifting
into first and second gears. Time for a gearbox
rebuild.  Tearing the box apart revealed that
the inside gear of the 1st/2nd gear syncro hub
had fallen apart.  Fortunately, all the pieces stayed
inside the hub, not causing any further damage.
The inner gear is a "no longer available"
item, but
SpitBits is great at locating NLA
parts. The gearbox is rebuilt and ready to
go back into the car.
GT6 Gearbox
GT6 Gear
GT6   Overview
GT6 Sounds