I thought it was time for something new here, and as I look through my guestbook,
of course I see many visitors who own British cars.  I would like to try and set up a
"Visitor's Parking Lot".  It would be a place for you to display your British car.  All
British cars are welcome.  Anyone iterested, please send a picture of your car, as
a jpg or gif file, hopefully under 50k, to keep load time down.  will also put in
information , with your permission, as to make, model, your name, e-mail, and web
site. I will put a more detailed listing below of what you can send. Thanks for your
interest, and for visiting my site. I hope this will be successful, and we can all share
in the sickness I call: "British Car Fever"

To have your car in the 'Visitor's Parking Lot", e-mail the following:

1) A photo:
-- A jpg or gif image of your car,

2) Information you want with your photo:
-- Make, model, year,
-- Your name: first, last, or both (as you want it to appear)
-- Your location (if you want it to appear)
-- Your e-mail address (if you want it to appear)
-- Your Home Page URL (if you want it to appear)
-- Any comments  you would like to add.

3) Permission Verification:
--A statement such as....
"I am sending this information knowing that it will become part of
'Jim's Triumph Page' and will be available on the internet".
--Please include first, or last, or both names.

4) Send information to:
Ok, thanks for your interest, and I hope to soon see pages full of
British cars.

Jim                                                                                                           10/26/99

The parking lot is open, as of 10/30/99
........check it out!